Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia


Task Force on Patient and Family Engagement

The NCIOM is convening a task force comprised of stakeholder groups to explore patient engagement. The Task Force will include patient and family consumer members, representatives of state and local agencies, health professionals and health care institutions, private sector partners, academicians, and other appropriate stakeholders. The goal of the task force is to identify evidence-based or evidence-informed strategies that will help increase patient and family engagement in health care to improve quality of care, improve patient satisfaction, and decrease cost.... READ MORE

Task Force on Essentials for Childhood

The goal of the NCIOM Task Force on Essentials for Childhood is to develop an integrated, comprehensive 5-year strategic plan to coordinate and prioritize the services, programs and/or policies of a number of state agencies that will build on New Directions for NC. Thus, the Task Force will increase the capacity at the state and community level to expand primary prevention of child maltreatment efforts by incorporating the four goals of the CDC’s Essentials for Childhood and applying a collective impact framework.... READ MORE