The North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) is an independent, quasi-state agency that was chartered by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1983 to provide balanced, nonpartisan information on issues of relevance to the health of North Carolina’s population.

The NCIOM convenes task forces, or working groups, of knowledgeable and interested individuals to study complex health issues facing the state in order to develop workable solutions to address these issues. More information about Task Forces

Through an arrangement with the North Carolina Medical Society, the NCIOM co-publishes (with The Duke Endowment) the North Carolina Medical Journal.

The mission of the NCIOM is two-fold:

  • To seek constructive solutions to statewide problems that impede the improvement of health and efficient and effective delivery of healthcare for all North Carolina citizens
  • To serve an advisory function at the request of the Governor, the General Assembly, and/or agencies of state government, and to assist in the formation of public policy on complex and interrelated issues concerning health and healthcare for the people of North Carolina.

The NCIOM addresses this two-part mission through coordination and sponsorship of research, collection of information on major issues, the analysis of viable options, and the development of consensus within the membership of the NCIOM and the various stakeholders with respect to particular issues on a range of solutions which are in the best interests of the public.